UX/UI Designer | Researcher | Constantly Curious | Factoid 

I am a UX Designer with over a year of experience; working on diverse projects with a wide range of clients from startups to already established companies.

In 2016 I began work at Every Interaction (a specialist UX/UI agency based in London) as the sole/ lead UX designer. Projects could be end to end development or in a consultancy role, advising on improvements or strategies to implement in order to improve a product (companies include Holiday Extras and Evalueserve).

This role has allowed me to gain confidence and develop my skills further than one would normally be possible at a larger agency. I am also currently teaching myself HTML and CSS to for future HTML prototyping.My proficiencies include: Interface design, Interaction design, User and Company research, Information architecture, User testing, Wireframing, Prototyping and Pitching to clients.

Prior to this I studied at General Assembly working on concept and client projects, developing my skills and knowledge. This was a career move from my role in business development at a Harley Street psychiatrist firm. During which time I project managed the development of a web-based app to complement their resilience workshop. This project inspired me to go into UX.

My love for User Research and User Centered Design came from the ethnographic studies that I did during my undergraduate Archaeology and Anthropology degree at UCL. I find it natural to objectively analyse products for improvements and empathise with/ understand users to get the product right.

When I am not Wireframing you may find me on a Lacrosse pitch, a healthtech hackathon or in a museum looking at the treasures of the past. I could talk for hours about the archaeological digs that I have been on - the finds and the incredible people I worked with. I also enjoy experimenting with cooking healthy ‘free from’ recipes.

As a UX designer, who loves a challenge and learning something new, I want to produce products that will benefit users through applying UX practices and creating the best possible product for their needs.